First, a warning: this summit is on private property, though the land owner seems to allow access to the summit. There are 'No Trepassing' sign just beyond it; please respect those and the land the trail is on. It would be a shame to lose access to this summit, which has some of the best views of the main Owyhee crest. The vista was spackled with patches of remaining snow but otherwise very green still. High visibility today, I could see the Soldier Mountains and even some big snowy mountains in Oregon and Nevada. Trail was straightforward and simple, with a nice section of ridge walk. The summit has a register with a small log that is seldom signed, leading me to believe this peak is seldom visited. Only 8 pages filled since it was placed in 2015!

Feet | Meters
Natural Atlas (US)

2.2 mi to summit

5.0 mi total


5,301 ft start

6,678 ft max


1,315 ft gain

1,579 ft loss


49 min to summit

2 hr 15 min total

Route name

Squaw Butte 5.0 mi route


road/access issues

Key gear

trekking poles