14,064 ft / 4,287 m


1,525 ft / 465 m


33 summits

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July   34%

September  22%

August   20%

Most climbed route

North face from Red Lake

"JMT side trip. Parked by the unnamed lake just to it's NorthWest and went up before dawn. There's only bits and pieces of use trails so you're actually best off waiting for light to find your route. Down with the sun was much easier. You're pretty much grinding scree and hopping small talus all the way up. You'll be happy to know, however, that the prosaic view witnessed from it's West changes entirely once you near the saddle. It becomes quite steep dramatic with fearsome views out to the East. Oh and there's excellent AT&T service here." - JustinB, Aug 6, 2018
"We came over Mather Pass yesterday and camped at a lake at the base of Split so we could get up early to summit. We left camp at 7:45 a.m., reached the peak at 10:15, hung out for a good hour and a half as we had cell service for the first time in days. We were back at camp by 1:20." - MoneyPenny, Jul 14, 2014
"3 day trip with Lee Hagan. Started the hike on Tuesday, jan 7th, camped well below Red Lake. Woke up early and started climbing around 0630 on Wednesday, Jan 8th. Hit the summit around 1530 and had to down climb the ice chute as it was getting dark. Didn't return to camp until around 2230. Hiked back down on Thursday morning, the 9th, and returned home after breakfast in Lone Pine." - brettmurphy85, Jan 8, 2014
"My birthday was on the 25th. I wanted to plan something epic, but my birthday fell in the middle of the week, so I planned a weekend trip instead. I drove up from Vegas with ambercavazos & Billiam on Saturday, driving through the ghost town of Rhyolite, NV and Titus Canyon in Death Valley on the way. We got to the trailhead around 2pm & hiked to Little Red Lake, where we set up camp for the night. On Sunday, we started a little late & were pounded by winds the whole day. The slog up the scree slope was brutal, only to encounter the boulder field afterwards. When we reached the ridge, that's wh" - Kevin, Sep 29, 2013
"Exciting ride in to the trailhead on dirt road in the 100 degree heat. 4000 ft slug up to basecamp. Next day, steep snowchute and an demoralizingly interminable Dana-like boulder field to the top. Coolest mountain ever, looking like a something out of a fairy tale." - paperpanther, Jul 17, 2010



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