4,009 ft / 1,222 m


721 ft / 219 m


4 summits

Top climbing months

July   25%

August   25%

October   25%

Most climbed route

North east ridge

"This time we made it to the top. Meetup group Happy Hikers of 17 (two gave up and went back after finding first major rock scramble too difficult) left from Governors Chair. Took just on 5 hours to return, including quite a few stops for rests." - donizen, Dec 11, 2016
"1hr 40min ascent, 5 hour round trip as we bushwacked the long way back via west ridge. Be careful around the rocks on the ascent right (west) of the first cliff band - almost had my head taken off by one that was dislodged by one our our party." - Michael, Oct 2, 2016
"Four of us went to Governors Chair in the dark and watched the landscape unfold before us while having breakfast. Was cold and windy so we settled into a cavern to the right of the main "chair". When iit lightened up, we headed off but got lost a few times. Got the within 100 m of the top but could not find our way up or round this final cliff. Scaled back down but only met more cliffs and gullys. We followed directions we found on the web but they were very vague and landmarks mentioned did not appear. Will have to go back again soon to find our way to the top. " - donizen, Jul 2, 2016


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