4,010 ft / 1,222 m


585 ft / 178 m


44 summits

Top climbing months

September  37%

July   17%

August   8%

"A long day of peak-bagging along the east side of Caribou Valley. Hit Sugarloaf first, then Spaulding then down over and up to Abraham. Finished up with a bushwhack to the old logging road by the pond and then a road march in the dark back to the car, 18+ miles in beautiful pre-fall weather." - JASTA11, Sep 23, 2018
"1.5 day trip to work on NE 67. Day one: Old Spec in the morning Saddleback and the Horn in the afternoon Day two: Sugarloaf and Spaulding in the morning. Saw lots of AT Hikers, got real sweaty, roughed it on some really great maine mountain trails and slept in my car falling asleep with the Milky Way above. What a trip!" - shay-shay, Sep 22, 2017
"Met Tom on the AT just below the summit of Spaulding. He had hiked in from Caribou Valley Road and we were going to hike out together. We headed up to the summit and then made our way down to the car. " - Kim-Stilson, Sep 13, 2016
"Hiked solo from Sugarloaf to Spaulding and then hit the summit with Kim and we returned via the AT northbound to Caribou Valley Road. Met an extremely nice couple in the parking lot and hung out and had a beer with them before heading down to the road crossing at Stratton where we met up with a bunch of other AT thru hikers and hung out exchanging stories before spending the night in Stratton. " - LGH-Tom, Sep 13, 2016
"Bushwhacked from the Caribou Pond Valley Rd. straight up to intersect with the AT near the shelter. From there we hiked the trail to the summit then followed the trail back down." - StoneMan, Aug 29, 2014



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