Murcia peaks

491 peaks

Highest peak


6,606 ft / 2,013 m

Most summited peak

Sierra del Puerto

5 summits

Most prominent peak


2,788 ft / 849 m prom

Murcia summits

197 summits

First Ascent Awards

159 of 491 peaks 32%

Top climbing months

February 17%

April 11%

June 11%

Top ranges

Sierra del Buey

Murcia mountains highlights

"Today we have climbed this mountain because it makes better temperature and dehydration is lower. Half of the way is track in good condition and the other half is between the bushes and the trees. Near the top the trees give way to medium and low grass and many animal tracks are visible. In the fields next to the peak, the cereal is already ripe." - Peak 1150 m, franciscobirruezo, Jun 23, 2018
"This hill is near the Peak 438 m and has the same altitude, but has no cliffs. I used a satellite image to guide us, printed directly from Google and I have to say everything ok. Electronic devices are poorly displayed in very bright environments. The insects in this semidesertic place struggle to survive, really the wasps of the image were fighting." - Peak 439 m, franciscobirruezo, Jun 22, 2018
"Abandoned farmhouses and disappearing paths are what we find today, symbols of rural depopulation. The distance that separates us from the rocky summit is not very big, that's why the slope crushes us. We are fighting with the bushes and from time to time I look at the GPS, while the warm air rises up the slope. The view from above relieves us of the effort, we are alone and it has been a long time since anyone climbs here. We return to Cortijo de Los Alamos where our car is, one hour left still to get home." - Puntal de Pegueruela, franciscobirruezo, Jun 17, 2018
"It makes a good afternoon to walk, with some breeze and nice temperature. The last rains have made the thyme grow. The Sun continues to fall and ends hidden behind the Sierra, I try to take good pictures but the camera do not like it. To come back we see in La Garapacha, walnuts, pear trees and a couple of cats hunting." - Cerro de la Cabra, franciscobirruezo, Jun 16, 2018
"You do not see this peak until you reach its base, the forest that surrounds it prevents it. So we used the GPS and a digital map not to get lost. We started in a ruinous farmhouse next to a walnut tree. When we reach the base of the mountain, the slope is hard of noses and has a very loose ground. Sometimes the path is not clear but the trees accompany us to the top, where the views are incredible. We arrived drenched in sweat. When we get off, we are lucky and we only skid on the rocks several times without falling." - Pico del Fraile, franciscobirruezo, Jun 10, 2018

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