Murcia peaks

495 peaks

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6,606 ft / 2,013 m

Most summited peak

Sierra del Puerto

5 summits

Most prominent peak


2,788 ft / 849 m prom

Murcia summits

221 summits

First Ascent Awards

177 of 495 peaks 35%

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February 15%

September 12%

June 11%

Top ranges

Sierra del Buey

Murcia mountains highlights

"This mountain is not a spectacular ridge but climbing to the top can consume all your energy. The route is well indicated and there is enough forest, but the ascent is continuous by a track in good condition that begins in the Plaza de Las Moreras in Majal Blanco. You soon arrive at the Aula de Naturaleza and from here you start to suffer and there are also some false summits that end up spending the little you have left. This peak protrudes from a small plateau where there are some mining pits." - Pico del Aguila, franciscobirruezo, Sep 16, 2018
"I return with Elvira to this mountain that I climbed six months ago, in the valley the haze blurs the horizon and as I drive I remember the skies of a clean blue of my childhood. I hope to see a sky like that on today's summit. And indeed towards the North the sky is blue and towards the valley of the east that strange fog follows. The temperature is ideal and an army of insects takes advantage of the day before the cold comes. We get to see a goat on a stone thanks to the prismatic, this is their territory and they watch over it protecting their young. I'm happy to see Phil Robinson say a cry" - Morra del Majal del Puerco, franciscobirruezo, Sep 13, 2018
"when parking the car it was raining hard, we waited about 15 minutes and started the climb. As I said in the climb to Mount Roldan, the climb is endless and does not give up. The humidity after the rain was unbearable. At the top we were alone and an almost hurricane wind was blowing. The bunker at the top is well preserved although it is currently not used thanks to the batteries of missiles that protect the coast." - Peak 427 m, franciscobirruezo, Sep 11, 2018
"When we returned from Pico 427 m we went through the Roldan Peak, the effort to get up here is great and I was curious to see these old abandoned military installations. Elvira waited for me while I did some research. There are many tunnels that could serve as ammunition or refuge deposits, I see several vines but they do not have grapes, I arrive at the geodysic and I take out a selfie because a tremendous wind blows. The descent is endless and I understand that the army was installed in the area, because the place is impregnable." - Roldán, franciscobirruezo, Sep 11, 2018
"Yesterday we tried to climb this mountain but it was impossible due to the weather conditions. Today we try again and discover a very interesting area of ​​this natural park. A path in good condition takes us from Collado Bermejo to the base of La Cumbre del Sombrero. We went up a firewall looking for the summit while we heard the first thunder. When we reach the top the clouds surround us and the visibility is reduced, the forest becomes mysterious. We accelerate our pace to avoid the storm. The way back is long but the landscapes are worth it. In the end Nature has been benevolent with us to" - Cumbre del Sombrero, franciscobirruezo, Sep 9, 2018

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