Murcia peaks

491 peaks

Highest peak


6,606 ft / 2,013 m

Most summited peak

Sierra del Puerto

5 summits

Most prominent peak


2,788 ft / 849 m prom

Murcia summits

210 summits

First Ascent Awards

171 of 491 peaks 34%

Top climbing months

February 15%

June 12%

April 10%

Top ranges

Sierra del Buey

Murcia mountains highlights

"Today was a mountain hike in which we only listened to our steps and the raindrops hit the leaves of the trees. We climbed a steep track while we saw stones around stones, also heard some distant bird and sometimes a lot of silence. Maybe the birds are confused by gray days." - Peak 626 m, franciscobirruezo, Aug 19, 2018
"The last three days seem like an Autumn early here with rains and cooler temperatures than usual. So something impelled me this morning to climb this mountain and at the same time give photographic testimony of those autumnal colors in August. The data of the route are the same as the previous time and I will not put them again. On the other hand, Peak Month is happening to me at full speed." - Peak 1027 m, franciscobirruezo, Aug 18, 2018
"We saw this mountain when climbing El Morro del Fraile Peak. From there we saw that it looked like a volcano and the web confirmed it. It seems that geologically it is very young and a walk on its slopes and summit shows it. The ground is covered with volcanic stone on all sides and the vegetation is scarce or nonexistent. They say there are many scorpions in the area but today we have not seen any." - Cabezo Negro de Tallante, franciscobirruezo, Aug 12, 2018
"This mountain demands a good physical form. This morning only Elvira and I reached the top. From there the tankers seem walnut shells but you can see miles of coastline. Except for some beach, the rest are hard cliffs in front of those that usually go whales and dolphins. The mountain has some deep chasms close to the summit, so it is convenient to go with attention." - Puntal del Moco, franciscobirruezo, Aug 11, 2018
"We drive to El Estrecho de San Gines. It is a town linked to the mining exploitation of these mountains, historically abandoned and forgotten. At present time seems to have stopped here. The ancestors of these people worked hard to extract minerals from these mountains. From the northern part of the town there are several trails that go up the hill, and allow to see the remains of mining activity. You have to be careful because some mines are not covered and you run the risk of falling inside. It is convenient to follow the trails." - Peak 174 m, franciscobirruezo, Aug 5, 2018

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