Murcia peaks

491 peaks

Highest peak


6,606 ft / 2,013 m

Most summited peak

Sierra del Puerto

5 summits

Most prominent peak


2,788 ft / 849 m prom

Murcia summits

203 summits

First Ascent Awards

165 of 491 peaks 33%

Top climbing months

February 16%

June 12%

April 11%

Top ranges

Sierra del Buey

Murcia mountains highlights

"Very hot day in this area. We parked the car in the recreational area of ​​Fuente Higuera in Sierra de La Pila. The information booth is closed. A small spring gives a little life to the area. We followed it a good distance and when arriving at a circular pond I look at the GPS to discover that we are heading in the wrong direction. We decided to correct our route and that forces us to go around a mountain through the bushes (bushwacking). We advance with difficulty but we go to a path that approaches the Peak. When arriving at the slope Elvira decides not to follow and it waits for me. I con" - Peña Bermeja, franciscobirruezo, Jul 14, 2018
"The color of the sand gives its name to this mountain in Fuente Blanca. Near here we saw some forest brigades, we are surprised by the scarce population of the place being close to important metropolitan areas. We hear a couple of roosters in the distance and we see three people. Soon it may be an abandoned village more. Near the cliff some stones remind us of the head of a turtle." - Cabezo Blanco, franciscobirruezo, Jul 8, 2018
"After a week of colds, Elvira decides to come with me. I am looking for a simple mountain to walk and we left home at 6:30 p.m. Partly to escape the heat and also because I was working all morning. Near the peak we saw a hunting hideout and several rabbits to run. Returning, the Sun behind the clouds creates some shadows in the Sky. We have an atypical summer in Spain." - Peak 268 m, franciscobirruezo, Jul 7, 2018
"We have never been here before, the place seems incredible, quite green and with vine crops and olive trees. But it is overwhelming to be surrounded by mountains and forest. We still do not know what we are expecting a track in good condition allows us to approach La Morra de los Cuchillos, then no trail or path leads to the top. We have to fight every step with fallen trees and scrub. At the top it follows the forest and it is hard to see between the trees. The return is hard and we have little drink but the clouds that covered the sun have relieved us." - Morra de los Cuchillos, franciscobirruezo, Jul 1, 2018
"I always doubt the peaks near the sea because they tend to be quite prominent. Cabezo de La Yegua seems an easy target but is nor. The mare has kicked me to the top and here is no shadow to take shelter. I climbed the west side and at the top I was hoping to find an ice cream cart but I have not been lucky." - Cabezo de la Yegua, franciscobirruezo, Jun 24, 2018

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