Murcia peaks

474 peaks

Highest peak


6,606 ft / 2,013 m

Most summited peak

Sierra del Puerto

4 summits

Most prominent peak


2,788 ft / 849 m prom

Murcia summits

163 summits

First Ascent Awards

128 of 474 peaks 27%

Top climbing months

February 20%

January 12%

September 9%

Top ranges

Sierra del Buey

Murcia mountains highlights

"Demanding route, whenever I climb this mountain I end up giving air puffs. Maybe that is why the Rey Lobo ordered to build a fortress on top. Today I have seen many hikers but the best thing has been to find some orchids." - Sierra del Puerto, franciscobirruezo, Mar 19, 2018
"We approached this peak today thinking that it is a simple objective. But the climb has been complicated. We had to descend Into the Barranco del Infierno and back it up. This ravine has a proper name (hell) but is wild and beautiful. In the background we have heard a shot, any hunter. Also at the bottom of the ravine we have seen a very interesting orange lichen." - Peak 363 m, franciscobirruezo, Mar 18, 2018
"Quiet walk near to the Atalaya de Cieza.We have made a circular route around the peak La Carrasca. Many insects were eating numerous flowers at our feet and these invertebrates are food for many birds.  So the birds were singing today.  Along the way we have consulted maps to reach the peak, because it is hidden behind La Carrasca.  " - Peak 467 m, franciscobirruezo, Mar 17, 2018
"Once more we go to Sierra de Lugar. Strong storm "Felix" wind blows. Upon arrival we found a group of British veterans hikers prepared to climb. We chatted a bit and started us. We seek the Peak 619 m, located East of the main ridge. The views from summit are really good but wind wants us to take from there." - Peak 619 m, franciscobirruezo, Mar 11, 2018
"Spring morning in this natural place. We do the route almost always by path,sometimes we see cyclers and other hikers. We follow near Barranco de Los Garres and hereinafter we look the path that turns to the left side to get Picacho Peak. Returning, Elvira relaxes walking and looking at Los Mamellones Peak and nearly breaks her head." - Picacho, franciscobirruezo, Mar 10, 2018

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