Murcia peaks

474 peaks

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6,606 ft / 2,013 m

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4 summits

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2,788 ft / 849 m prom

Murcia summits

152 summits

First Ascent Awards

119 of 474 peaks 25%

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February 20%

January 12%

September 10%

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Sierra del Buey

Murcia mountains highlights

"We come from the Peak 908 m and we follow a forest track in good condition but with steep slope. We go to the North Side and here the forest is quite leafy. Near the summit the path narrows. At the top we hydrated a little and eat something before returning. Postscript: we have to educate and protect young people, what happened in Florida is very sad." - Peak 1027 m, franciscobirruezo, Feb 17, 2018
"This mountain is to the right of The Natural Pass of Puerto Frío (Sierra Pila). We have seen remains of old forest fires, it is not too high but has no path to the top. The almond trees were in bloom this month." - Peak 908 m, franciscobirruezo, Feb 17, 2018
"We have climbed this mountain following the GR 92 trail from Calblanque. The climb is hard and when passing near the rocky wall, a pair of hawks has flown over our heads. At the top we have seen more climbers and we decided to go down the North face, easier. We liked today the image of the horse on the beach." - Cabezo de la Fuente, franciscobirruezo, Feb 10, 2018
"I went this morning to Fuente Blanca in La Garapacha, the temperature when I got out the car was 2 C (35F). So I put on my wool cap and the gloves and go up in the middle of the mountain. When I descend a slip makes me fall but the backpack cushions the blow. While I come back I think about luck." - Peak 925 m, franciscobirruezo, Feb 9, 2018
"I come from Peña Apartada Peak, at this height the snow starts to be abundant and this encourages me to continue. In some places It is hard to walk but I see forest covered with snow. Higher up the military posters forbid me to pass but I have already achieved my second goal today" - Espuña, franciscobirruezo, Feb 3, 2018

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