Canarias peaks

485 peaks

Highest peak

Pico del Teide

12,198 ft / 3,717 m

Most summited peak

Pico del Teide

41 summits

Most prominent peak

Pico del Teide

12,198 ft / 3,717 m prom

Canarias summits

121 summits

First Ascent Awards

47 of 485 peaks 9%

Top climbing months

June 17%

August 14%

March 11%

Canarias mountains highlights

"Sunday 28th January 2018. The first day of a two-day trek on Pico del Teide 3718m, Tenerife, Canary Islands. From the Teide National Hotel at 2150m by route 19 to Montaña Blanca car park, then by route 7 to the Altavista Refuge at 3260m. 12.9km, with 1250m of ascent and 140m of descent. 6hrs 45mins. At 3718m, Pico del Teide, on the island of Tenerife, is the highest mountain in Spain and its dominions - over-topping Mulhacén, the highest mountain on the Spanish mainland, by nearly 240 metres. The peak is a stratovolcano, formed from around 160,000 years ago (very recent, in geologica" - Pico del Teide, marktrengove, Jan 29, 2018
"A straightforward walk from the LZ35, a quarter of a mile north of the high point of the road. A vehicle track leads up to a level grassy meadow (the crater). The quicker and more pleasant option is to leave the vehicle track and cross the crater by a narrow cinder path. The track continues diagonally right up the side of the crater. It exits on the northern rim and from there it is only a short walk up the ridge to the summit. Ignore the blockhouse and mast and enjoy an uninterrupted view of most of the island." - Montana Blanca, michaelgriffiths, Jan 23, 2017
"The approximate path to the summit is shown on one of my pictures or here ( The access has been described as "not overly difficult - a constant UIAA grade I/II - but very exposed" in one site ( Other sites rate the crux as UIAA grade III ( In my view the short crux, which is close to the top, should indeed be graded at UIAA grade III. The descent is more difficult than the asce" - Montana Cruz de Taborno, MartinRocks, Jan 1, 2017
"A simple walk up the shoulder of the mountain. Followed the gently rising road SW from La Asomada direct to Montana Tinasoria then retraced to the point on the road where the shoulder of M Guardilama is most easily accessed (summit photo). A somewhat unimaginative path leads directly to the summit. Worthwhile for the views over a devastated landscape. " - Guardilama, michaelgriffiths, Jan 11, 2016
"Hiked from the Montana Blanca car park Sunday afternoon up to Altavista. 5 am wake up to summit for the sun rise. 'Twas cold and windy...and altitude was definitely a factor. Absolutely worth it. " - Pico del Teide, scottheaney, Mar 9, 2015

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