4,902 ft / 1,494 m


1,522 ft / 464 m


222 summits

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August   18%

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June   14%

"After North Twin, we went over to South Twin. Incredible day on the summit. No wind. We then went down to Galehead Hut. We also picked up one person on the way. While they went up Galehead, I took a brief nap at the hut. We then hiked down Gale River Tr, and the XC ski trail to Beaver Brook picnic area. " - newenglandwarrior, Feb 13, 2018
"Enjoying a weekend exploring the Whites. Started on trail Friday morning via shuttle (left a car at Zealand parking area). Hiked up to Garfield and the made our way back over the ridge where we spent the night at Galehead Hut before moving on the next day through the Twins and the Bonds. Woke up the next morning and started up the steep climb for the Twins, then over to the Guyot and the Bonds (amazing!) and out through Zealand. We were trying to beat a storm so we passed on Hale - made it to the car with thunder in the distance and a crack of lightening and downpour just as we shut the do" - deb-and-rob, Aug 12, 2017
"Great weekend in the White mountains! Hit North Twin and South Twin, and made our way to Galehead. Galehead was my friends #48 to finish the NH 4000 footers. From there we hiked to Garfield campsite, next morning hiked to Garfield summit and down and out The Gailriver tail" - blackwolf_03278, Jul 29, 2017
"After summiting North Twin I continued on to South Twin. There was a fair amount of mud on the col between the two summits. I didn't realize how much taller South Twin was until I was on top and noticed that my watch said 4902'. Again, after reaching the summit I didn't stay long as there were no views to be had, still socked in. I was hoping that the day would clear up after I made my way to Guyot and Zealand and that I could enjoy all the views I missed on my way back. So, after a couple photos I quickly made my way on the twin way towards Guyot....trip report continued on Guyot Mountain. " - LGH-Tom, Jun 28, 2017
"Awesome day with awesome friends and awesome weather! We started at the hale fire warden bushwhack and headed to north twin in thick cloud cover. When we reached the summit the clouds parted so we enjoyed a few moments in sun before heading to south twin in a near white out fog. We headed to the galehead hut next for lunch in the sun and bagged galehead and then headed out to our second car on the road after the long boring hike down. Couldn't have been a better day!" - shay-shay, Apr 2, 2017



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