7,783 ft / 2,372 m


343 ft / 104 m


26 summits

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August   25%

February   14%

September  14%

Most climbed route

Hawkins Ridge Trail

"I had the plan to hike up from Crystal Lake to Windy Gap and over Middle, Sadie, and South Mt. Hawkins. So, I got to Crystal Lake on a refreshingly cool morning and made the somewhat steep ascent up the Windy Gap Trail to the well-named breezy namesake notch just east of Mt. Islip and rested a bit before heading east on Pacific Crest Trail almost a mile and a half to the junction with Hawkins Ridge Trail. At the junction, I saw Mt. Hawkins about a quarter mile further along the PCT and pondered whether I should add it to the already 3-peak itinerary, but decided to stick to the plan, so I h" - brianpowell, Apr 21, 2018
"Third summit of the day. Saw a mule deer off the fire road. Lost the trail both on the way off Sadie Hawkins and again on the way back to the PCT. The overgrowth from the 2002 Curve Fire obliterated the trail in spots. Also, I find it ironic that these fires keep specifically taking out fire lookouts (also Vetter Mt- Station Fire)" - Christopher, Aug 19, 2012



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