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179 ft / 54 m


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"It was a wet and soggy day....not my favorite climb thus far, that is for sure! We had some sprinkles, but mostly were soaked by the trees and falling ice. Our wet day required several changes of clothes until we ran out and just had to suck it up!" - shay-shay, Apr 22, 2017
"Hazy Day, not many views on this trip. Great warmup, smooth trail to start, but once the loop starts watch out!, it's steep and gravelly up Hancock & down South Hancock (but the ridge walk is nice). Highlights of the day were Gray Jays & a hiker with 2 goats!" - PJSelmer, Oct 16, 2016
"Both peaks, north then south, via the Hancock Loop Trail. It was a beautiful day for a climb. We shared lunch and trail stories with chatty hikers at the northern summit, and were pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the trek was between peaks... especially after the many waist-high (for my short hiking partner, that is) obstacles leading up to our initial summit. We crashed with my sister's family at their vacation spot in Lincoln (after ice cream, of course), and headed up Tecumseh the next morning." - gooner, Aug 19, 2016
"Last hike of 2015! A foggy day heading up and over Hancock and South Hancock. But there was great company I bumped into along the way, which made the hike that much more enjoyable! There was a great mix of wet and pack-able snow up until the Hancock loop, where the snow changed over to fresh powder. What an excellent way to end the year, and to kick off my Winter 4ks! A huge shout out and thank you to Rob and his wife, who offered me a bit of trail magic when I got back to the parking lot! The soup was delicious, and hit the spot! - See more at: http://peakery.com/mount-hancock-white-mounta" - matt-beard, Dec 31, 2015
"Got the day off to "rest" before the incoming snow storm. The weather was absolutely beautiful, albeit brisk and windy. I got terrible night of sleep the night prior, and woke up 1:15 later than I originally anticipated, but still made it out the door by 5:40. The plan was to do the Hancocks first, then the Osceolas. I arrived at the hairpin at 6:50 AM, geared up (fleece, hat, mid-level gloves, and 3-season boots) and hit the trail at a light jog. The going was very easy and was made nicer by the fresh coating of snow we receive the night before. I could hear the wind howl above as I appro" - npweeks, Dec 28, 2015



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