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2,240 ft / 682 m


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"Thought we were getting a sunny day but summits along ridge were socked in. Hit Kinsman Pond and Bald Peak too. Must have been some sort of AMC thing going on. Large groups of hikers everywhere on the ridge." - Alohabuffy, Jan 20, 2018
"Part of my AMC mentored hike. We went over to S. Kinsman and the cloud cover was breaking up. We then returned to N. Kinsman and were rewarded with great views. We then slowly made our way back to the trailhead. Everyone survived and seemed to be in good spirits. I learned a lot from this day's hike." - newenglandwarrior, May 27, 2017
"This was my first winter 48 solo.....I don't know how I have been so fortunate to have so many hiking partners!! This was a tough mountain perhaps because of the mental game of hiking solo. But I managed bald peak, north and south kinsman in 4.5 hours. Lots of sun in the start and lots of clouds in the end. I only saw 2 fellow hikers all day." - shay-shay, Feb 27, 2017
"this trial is super unfriendly to knees. Highly recommend using poles and not doing this trail in the rain. Cascade Brook trial has some pretty views but it's very flooded and not worth the extra hour. " - kaylajean, Oct 3, 2015
"A nice 12+ mile loop starting at Lafayette Campground heading up to Cannon via the Hi-Cannon trail and then taking the Kinsman Ridge Trail over the Cannon Balls to North Kinsman and then South Kinsman and then returning via the Fishin' Jimmy Trail to Lafayette Campground. Met quite a few thru hikers (Gonzo, Nacho Libre, Big Ben, Aussie) plus quite a few day hikers" - markst-john, Jul 3, 2015



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