4,050 ft / 1,234 m


340 ft / 103 m


46 summits

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August   19%

June   17%

July   17%

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Trail from Caribou Lake Rd.

"Tuesday I dropped Kim off in Caratunk to slack pack the 20 mile section SoBo to Flagstaff Rd. at the end of the Bigelow Range and since I had a good portion of the day to kill I decided to go hit some 4000 footers that I hadn't done yet. Headed up South Crocker from Caribou Valley Road. Straightforward hike with a steep climb after the first 1.5 miles. From the summit I decided to head out to Redington first because I still was unsure what the "bushwhack" would be like. " - LGH-Tom, Sep 20, 2016
"NoBo AT Thru Hike 2016. After getting off the trail four days in order to attend my cousin's wedding in Buffalo NY, I got back on the trail late afternoon Sunday in order to complete the 8 mile section from Caribou Valley Road down to Maine 27 outside of Stratton. " - Kim-Stilson, Sep 18, 2016
"This peak was a bit tough to get to. First you drive past Sugarloaf on west 27 and Caribou Pond rd (marked by a hand drawn sign) is on the left. This is an old logging road, so 4 wheel drive is nice but not necessary, though a good amount of height between your vehicles chassis and the ground would help a lot, many potholes, rocks and ditches scarring the road. Follow this til it ends at a blockade (see picture). Park here, continue to walk up the path about .5 miles til you see the AT crossing, fairly well marked (see picture) take a right onto the AT. Take the AT up to South Crocker summit, " - chrisr00d, Oct 23, 2012
"Great day for a hike. Skipped over here from Crocker Mountain or maybe I should say slipped over. There was a lot of snow and ice on the trail this morning. There was a nice view of Mt Abraham, Spaulding, and Sugarloaf from a clearing just south of the summit sign. The clearing seems to be at a higher elevation then the sign fyi. " - bwright, Oct 13, 2012



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