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Carter-Moriah Trail

"After Middle Carter, I went over and did S. Carter. Still plenty of blowdowns around. There was knee deep snow in Zeta Pass. Good to get these two out of the way for the Grid. My only Grid gains for May as I focus back on red-lining." - newenglandwarrior, May 10, 2018
"Perfectly clear day up in the Carter Range, beautiful views from Imp Face, North Carter and leading up to Middle Carter. Went up the Imp Trail (Northern Section) to Imp Face then North Carter, Mt Lethe, Middle Carter and South Carter. Descended to Zeta Pass then down the Carter Dome Trail and Nineteen Mile Brook Trail. Blowdowns started once I started the descent from South Carter to Zeta Pass. Tons of blowdowns to avoid, very difficult section of trail to pass right now until the chainsaws are able to take care of them. I lost count but there was probably 15-20 huge blowdowns to climb ov" - kpreston21, Nov 18, 2017
"Perfect hiking weather. Hiked up Nineteen Mile Trail to summit, then across Carter Moriah to Mt. Hight (very steep, short climb, and incredible 360 degree views) and Carter Dome (very steep down to Carter Notch Hut). Next day up Wildcat Ridge Trail to Wildcat A, B, C, D and down ski trails to base. 7 hours to Hut from parking lot. Left at 9:15AM - arrived at hut at 4:15. Took our time and had lunch atop Mt. Hight at 1:30 PM. " - Lester37, Aug 26, 2017
"The Quick and Dirty Trail Report: Trails: 19 Mile Brook Trail, Carter Dome Trail, Carter-Moriah Trail, North Carter Trail, Imp Trail, Camp Dodge Bushwhack, Road Walk Parking: about 6-8 cars when we started and one left when we returned Trails clear up to about 3700 feet. Thin monorail for the remainder of the hike with soft snow off the monorail. Trails were streams on the way down after 3300 feet. Water crossings: The trails were streams on the Imp Trail, but other than that only one or two small crossings. Nothing major. Dogs…none Traction: Bare boot and then Spikes from 3700…co" - shay-shay, May 7, 2017
"Fourth & final peak of the day on a 4 peak, 11.5 mile hike through a section of the Moriah Range. Our chosen route was rather eroded so there was a lot of roots & rocks but I'd expect nothing else here. There was really nothing hard about the trail, the trip up was gradual & once on the ridge quite pleasant & easy going. The trip down was more or less the same as up but a lot of this was accompanied by Nineteen Mile Brook which looked rater beautiful with it's moss covered rocks in contrast to all the leaves that had fallen into the water around them. Another grand day spent in the whites!" - VonSelmer, Oct 17, 2016



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