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  • Snoqualmie Mountain is the tallest peak in the immediate vicinity of Snoqualmie Pass in the North Cascade Range of Washington.
  • Its shape is often described as "amorphous" or "blob-like", although it does display a steep north face dropping down to the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River.
  • The south ridge, ascending from Cave Ridge between Snoqualmie Peak and Guye Peak, is a non-technical hike.
  • To reach Cave Ridge, either ascend from the Snow Lake Trailhead near Alpental to the west, or ascend from the Commonwealth Basin to the east.
"Excited to hike Snoqualmie Mountain as it is on the Mountaineers Snoqualmie Pin list and Home Court 100. Started out on the trail about noon. Was expecting a hard hike, but have seen some great trip reports, especially by Gobazov who completed and wrote about an epic traverse. Upon starting the trail we met three gentlemen who had descended, we thought from either Snoqualmie Mountain or Guye Peak. They said it was a stair climb and asked if we had hiked or known the mountain. It's our first time, but Joe and I have done a few things. I'm in decent shape, yet found the trail a bit challen" - markhadland, Aug 3, 2018
"6th time up the mountain, but first time in the heat of summer - 90 degrees plus and the water fall was dry so no fresh water or anyplace to cool off. Only a slight breeze up on the ridge and pretty bad bugs at the top - also pretty hazy. As always a good training hike when we only had a half a day to get out to the mountains. Alpental lot was completely full upper and lower and we only saw 5 people on Snoqulamie, meaning those hundreds of people were heading up to Snow Lake. " - BryHong8, Jul 29, 2018
"Great short and steep hike! Easy access to the Alpental Parking lot and only passed 10 people on trail. Pretty easy to follow the trail, think old trail on Mailbox but with more rocks and exposure. Best view I've had on a mountain along i90! You can see hundreds of mountains like Rainier, Baker, Glacier Peak, Adams and even the Olympics! It also makes Guye Peak look like an anthill. Wonderful torture!" - Happyjoecappy, Jul 22, 2018
"Great day to be scrambling around in the mountains! We hit Snoqualmie Mountain, Snoqualmie Snow Dome, checked out the 2 high points in between them, and finished with Guye Peak." - Al-Rashid, Jul 21, 2018
"Started from the Alpental parking area and used the steep climbers trail up about 2.2 miles. There was still a large amount of snow here and I was putting on my micro spikes when there were two loud thunderclaps. Sky was getting pretty dark so I abandoned my summit bid and headed back down. This is an extremely steep trail which is class 2 with a few class 3 sections." - Zardoz, Jun 20, 2018



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