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  • Snoqualmie Mountain is the tallest peak in the immediate vicinity of Snoqualmie Pass in the North Cascade Range of Washington.
  • Its shape is often described as "amorphous" or "blob-like", although it does display a steep north face dropping down to the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River.
  • The south ridge, ascending from Cave Ridge between Snoqualmie Peak and Guye Peak, is a non-technical hike.
  • To reach Cave Ridge, either ascend from the Snow Lake Trailhead near Alpental to the west, or ascend from the Commonwealth Basin to the east.
"Up Snoqualmie Mtn trail from Alpental lot, went to Snow Dome, then down a rather steep slope, following a stream 1000 ft down to Cave Ridge, then the normal trail down. Perhaps the last warm-ish day of the season, 55 F in the morning with wind toward the summit. Much warmer later in the afternoon. Very nice." - markgarrett, Oct 27, 2015
"We managed to pull off a two-summit day on this beautiful Saturday, which was a first for us. We started with Snoqualmie Mountain, which is exactly as described in the hiking guide and trail reports: Pretty much straight up with boulders, roots and an eroding trail. The high point of the climb up were the falls just after the trail split - beautiful! We hit snow at about 5,700 feet, and I expect if anyone tackles the mountain after the next week or two, the snow will be almost, if not completely gone. No need for micro-spikes, although the ice-axe was nice for balance. We didn't even bother pu" - BryHong8, May 9, 2015
"Solo ascent to Snoqualmie for the first time. Just wanted a new hike, and do it before thunderstorms rolled in. :) Super hot and humid. No views at the top. Got down just before the downpour. " - aimk13, Aug 10, 2013
"A great quick trip up out of the clouds to a 4-volcano view. Climb up from Alpental is no joke. Unfortunately Dave made it 10 minutes in before his whooping cough kicked in so he had to drop back. Emerged above the clouds somewhere on Cave Ridge. Cloud blanket in all directions made for an interesting summit pano. " - scott, Jul 29, 2012
"Hearing rumors of the imminent demise of the Cave Ridge Phone Booth, I decided to head up there to take a look at it myself. Due to low clouds, and poor map reading skills, I ended up taking a wrong turn. By the time I figured out that I was on Snoqualimie Mountain, and not Cave Ridge, I was well past the turn off. Rather than turning around, I decided to continue to the top. There is nothing technical about Snoqualmie. Just follow the trail to the top. The trail is more of an informal boot path rather than a maintained trail, but it is easy to follow. There were a few small snow patches ac" - MangyMarmot, Jul 20, 2012



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