Banskobystrický peaks

1,314 peaks

Highest peak


6,712 ft / 2,045 m

Most summited peak


33 summits

Most prominent peak


3,750 ft / 1,143 m prom

Banskobystrický summits

295 summits

First Ascent Awards

94 of 1,314 peaks 7%

Top climbing months

July 24%

June 16%

August 13%

Banskobystrický mountains highlights

"This was a main target in todays 22km and ~1500 vertical meters hike. Peak has 1143m prominence and it makes peak quite attractive and. On top of that it's a highest peak in the Lower Tatra Range. Also it marks one of the Slovak state tops. It was weekend, and we met so many people. Otherwise it's really excellent trail with a wonderful views almost all the time. We skipped lifts to the peak Chopok (few kilometers away) and made it from the bottom parking station. So it became good exercise too." - Ďumbier, Deividas, Jul 27, 2013

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