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"So I plan on filling in the missing reports from the last few months when I can find the time, but I can't wait to post about this last climb . I joined the rest of the Tacoma Mountaineers group at the Sloan Peak climbing trailhead along Road 49 late Friday night and slept in the truck. We were on the trail by 5:10 am. The first few creek crossings were minor, but the last one proved a fair obstacle. The long tree across the creek was somewhat twisted and pretty slick, so we butt-scooted slowly across one-by-one. All was going well until the final person to cross slipped and rolled under the l" - Jeb, Jul 26, 2014
"Easiest trip of the year! Did this as an overnight - got to camp in about 4 hours moving at a slow-moderate pace and had another eight hours to kill. Great flat camping area at about 4900'. Got the recon from a few other parties who had found a route up, so we saved ourselves the route-finding the next morning ;) Glacier was opening up quite a bit - we crossed a snow bridge that is probably gone by now. Well-worn climbers' trail among heather slopes, and a fun rock scramble to the summit. Great views of Glacier and Baker. Camp to summit about 4 hours, summit to camp about 2, at a leisurely pa" - diana, Aug 26, 2012



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