4,180 ft / 1,274 m


3,301 ft / 1,006 m


147 summits

Top climbing months

March   16%

October   10%

June   10%

Most climbed route

P-E trail to W-C-S trail


  • Slide is the highest peak in the Catskills, though it wasn't known as such until the late 1800's. Its elevation is still not official but several surveys show it to be over 4200'
  • Bicknell's thrush was first identified on Slide Mt.
  • One of the 4 peaks in the Catskills 3500 Peak Challenge requiring a winter ascent.
"Seven of us hiked the Long Path and Burroughs range from Lanes street to the Slide mountain PA. We deviated onto the pleasant Curtis-Ormsby trail on our descent to avoid the rocky W-C-S trail. A wonderful day in the mountains was made very unpleasant with me falling ill from food poisoning or stomach flu just as we got to the cars. That was the worst two hour drive back home that I have experienced.....not recommended!" - Nimblefoot, Oct 28, 2017
"Out with the wife hitting Slide and West Kill mountains for the month. Got an early start so we had the summit to ourselves then passed the weekend crowds as we descended back to car. Had a short chat with the summit steward heading up just before we reached the parking lot." - Nimblefoot, Sep 2, 2017
"Steve and I joined a Mohonk hikers/ Rip Van Winkle hikers group hike led by our friends Tom & Anna traversing the Burroughs range. Trail between Cornell and Slide was definitely wet and mucky making us look forward to an ascent in order to have a dry trail. On top we find two summit stewards from the NYNJ trail conference who seem to be just hanging out and not interacting with the hikers on the open ledge. We got lucky with the weather and made it down to the Slide mtn PA before the rain started coming down which shortened our rehydration/snack period." - Nimblefoot, Aug 12, 2017
"Enjoyed a beautiful hike of this mountain. perfect conditions for snowshoeing. Roughly 5.4 miles RT, mostly moderate trail, great views from the summit. We started to head over to Cornell but the trail had not been tracked out and the deep, dry snow was slick on the backside - not having been on the trail before we dropped a few hundred feet, navigated a few tricky spots but without knowing the trail we decided it was better to wait to complete another day. We climbed back up, enjoyed the views along the way and made our way back to the car." - deb-and-rob, Jan 28, 2017
"Took advantage of the fresh snow and beautiful weather for a midweek snowshoe. Intended on doing Slide, Cornell, and Wittenberg, but had to turn around in the col between Slide and Cornell when I lost a pin on the binding of one of my snowshoes. Felt it would not be wise to go through the deep snow ahead with a bum wheel, so I made a temporary fix with a zip tie (didn't last long) and turned back. Still was a great day in the mountains though. " - wacbravo, Jan 11, 2017



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