2,162 ft / 659 m


60 ft / 18 m


89 summits

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June   18%

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April   10%

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Dacy Clearing


  • The views of Lake George from Sleeping Beauty's rocky summit are unbeaten.
"Bumps Pond + Erebus Mountain s Sleeping Beauty December 26th, 2018 Bumps Pond 10:31a We started our journey at 9:30 this morning and decided to stop for a rest about half way up Sleeping Beauty going towards Bumps Pond. Looking up you can see the top of Sleeping Beauty and the ice that is forming down the side of it. When we sat down we started talking and all of the sudden a tree that was lying down on a rock above me shifted and fell almost hitting me. Francis said it was because the tree was on ice then he tried to shift it around a little bit but it didn’t move. 10:57a We have " - devenmosher24, Dec 26, 2018
"Sleeping Beauty November 8th, 2018 12:11p We started our hike at 11:55a today and parked right at the trailhead.He didn’t carry anything but a light sweatshirt and I decided to bring a heavy coat and a 50 lbs backpack. This trail is much darker and worn down than Buck Mountain, but it is also more of a defined path. We stopped near a brook and a small waterfall just so I could cool off. 12:32p It sounds like its raining but we don't feel it. We went through what felt like a swamp before hitting a very tight, steep switchback turn section that was maybe 2 ft wide throughout the three s" - devenmosher24, Nov 8, 2018
"Needed Sleeping Beauty and Erebus to complete the Lake George 12ster list. Got a little bit of a later start, but drove all the way to Dacy Clearing now that the road is open. There were lots of cars, but I didn't see any people until the end of the day on my way to the parking lot. Trail to Sleeping Beauty is easy to follow and pretty straight forward, bushwhacked off trail to the true summit, only to be disappointed that the summit sign had been stolen (Lame!). Continued on the trail down to Bump's Pond. From there I took Erebus trail towards the north slope before quickly making my way off " - LGH-Tom, May 12, 2018
"Still a few inches of snow with some ice on top. The backside of the mountain going from the summit down to Bumps Pond only had icy sections in the steepest spots. Could have used micro spikes, but managed without them. Just took a little longer. " - cmarion1979, Apr 21, 2018
"Sunny and pretty warm mid-April hike. The trail was pretty busy with people taking advantage of the weather. Trail conditions were pretty wet with all the melting snow and rain from earlier in the week. Nice views of the lake and Bumps Pond is a gorgeous spot. " - Gregrog, Apr 14, 2017



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