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"The second day of a four-day trek on the Olympos Massif, Macedonia, Northern Greece. From the summit of Skala 2866m/c.40m to Skolio 2911m/101m, then descent by its south-east ridge, then Zonaria path to Christos Kakkalos Refuge (Refuge 'C'). 6.0km. After a short rest on the summit of Skala, soaking up the view, our guide Ivo led those who had not summited Mytikas down by our outward route of ascent. The rest of us decided to do a round of the cwm, and to rejoin the others at the start of the Zonaria path which traverses below Mytikas and Stephani to the Plateau of the Muses. I was par" - marktrengove, Sep 13, 2017
"Climbed to the top of Mount Olympus to the Skolio peak at 9550ft/2911m. We decided to not do the Mytikas peak because life is pretty sweet and we don't really want to die. Maybe in the future if we ever pursue actual climbing techniques." - Kuskos, Aug 1, 2015
"I took a number of panorama pictures, 24 of which became a part of my virtual tour "Solo tracking and Climbing Olympus E4: Litohoro - Mitikas" http://www.360-vr.net/olympus.php" - 360-vr, Jul 27, 2012


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