7,120 ft / 2,170 m


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PCT via Bird Spring Pass

"My friend Brett and I took the typical PCT to crest, and cross-country to the summit boulders. It was a delightful Wednesday, quiet and peaceful. I was surprised to see 2 other hikers on that day heading back to Bird Spring Pass where we parked as we started our ascent. The dirt road drive was LONG off Highway 14. It is passable for cars if driven carefully. The hike is super scenic ascending the Scodie Mountains' crest. You basically start in high desert and very sparse Joshua Tree/Pinyon woodland at 5,380' at the pass. Then, the Joshua Trees fade out at about 6,200', and a lovely stun" - brianpowell, Oct 10, 2018
"A huge snowstorm was rolling in as we started our hike at Bird Spring Pass. The snow continued all day, and as we'd know later, night as well. The 4 inches of snow on the summit made it a much more interesting trip than we'd expected. Never found the register! We ended up climbing all three highpoints near where the geo marker was to make sure we had climbed it." - Irrationalist, Nov 22, 2013



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