3,054 ft / 930 m


2,326 ft / 708 m


21 summits

Top climbing months

May   23%

April   19%

November   15%

Most climbed route

Via Longside Edge

"First attempt I turned back not trusting my ability in the snow to reach the top with no winter equipment. After a spot of lunch and talking to some local experienced walkers, I gave it another shot. All I could think of was 'How am I going to get back down safely?' and this gave me a fear of heights but each time I thought about turning back, someone descending encouraged me upwards until I reached the summit. Bagged North, Middle and South summits but won't log them separately (they're not significantly different to warrant separate entries). Coming down was easier than going up. I no longer" - NorthernWayfarer, Mar 25, 2017
"Up Skiddaw path from Long Scar to Jenkins hill, along the tops of Skiddaw, then back up Little Man, then east to Lonscale Fell and then down along small southern route to rejoin main path." - vygodski, Oct 16, 2016
"From the car park at NY280253 near Latrigg. Solo. After ascending Lonscale Fell. Sought out the highest point on Jenkin Hill, with its very small drop. Then over Lesser Man, Little Man to Skiddaw. Descended over Carlside and southwards to the hamlet of Millbeck and walked along the road through Applethwaite back to the car park. Nice weather which attracted lots of walkers to Skiddaw." - peter43, Aug 8, 2013
"1st day of a 2 day break in the Lake District. A hot sunny day, we set off from Bassenthwaite village to do a circular walk, taking in several peaks. We walked along a number of paths through fields and farms, to reach the long ridge, up The Edge, to Ullock Pike. From here we continued along the ridge, over Longside, enjoying good views over Bassenthwaite Lake and the rest of the Lake District peaks, to Carl Side 746m. We then ascended steeply up the slated path to Skiddaw summit ridge and its tops 931m. After a brief stop, we continued N, dropping down steeply and then up onto the summit of B" - davidlong, May 22, 2012
"We did a circular walk of the Skiddaw massif, starting from a minor road near Bassenthwaite village. Firstly going up Ullock Pike via its NW ridge, over Longside edge to Carl Side. From there we cut across the scree slopes of Skiddaw and up onto Little Man. From here we climbed up via the south top onto the main summit of Skiddaw and then descended northwards, over the north top and down to Bakestall, then down by Dead Crags to Dash falls, where we picked up a good track back to the start point." - davidlong, May 10, 2009



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