9,977 ft / 3,041 m


10 summits

Top climbing months

October   27%

November   27%

June   18%

Most climbed route

Sirretta Trail

"My friend Brett and I have had our eyes on this one for awhile, not only for it being a major summit in the area, but for the area hosting the southernmost stands of Southern Foxtail Pine (Pinus balfouriana ssp. austrina). We were on vacation in Tulare County, staying near the foot of the Sierras in Porterville and hitting the mountain sights, and finally made it to Big Meadow North to give it a shot! We took the long mix of pavement and dirt 22S12 from Sherman Pass Rd and 23S07 to a parking/camping lot. We started on the Cannell Trail for 1/2 mi. to Sirretta Trail. We followed the Sirrett" - brianpowell, Oct 12, 2018
"Did this as one of our tri-annual Steak Hikes (our excuses to earn an appetite for McNallys legendary filets). Ended up blowing past the turn for the Sirretta Trail and took the Cannell trail up to the ridge and followed that around to the peak." - Irrationalist, Oct 11, 2014



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