1,220 ft / 372 m


1,220 ft / 372 m




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January   28%

April   14%

July   14%

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Designated Hiking Trail

Class 1 • 935 ft / 285 m gain
"Family trip with 4 years old one. Very short one (3.6km return) and not much of the gain (under 300m) but humidity and heat do take their toll - 2:30hrs return. Got some views on the way up.. but as usual a whiteout summit. Even in tropics." - alexp, Oct 22, 2018
"Bought the park ticket then ran from the center up the concrete roads to the access path. Up the steep winding trail with some minor scrambling nearer the top. Love this Summit. Beautiful views all round of the island. " - chriskelshall, Jul 17, 2014
"During our stay with the Mein Schiff 2 in Curacao I took a Bus ride to the western part of the Island for 90 minutes just to reach the Highpoint of this Island in under an Hour. Nice Hike through Forest and some much appreciated but unexpected scrambling on the last part of this Hike. My favorite Hike in the Caribbean so far. It’s a long way and it takes some time to get there. Another Highpoint on an Caribbean Island though. " - Nuernberger, Jan 27, 2014
"Not prepared for this hot as hell hike, my husband's shoe melted a bit on the way down the mountain! PS. Don't eat or touch the poison apples, bring lots of water & sunscreen!" - Bluemagik1, Aug 17, 2013



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