7,812 ft / 2,381 m


252 ft / 77 m


5 summits

Top climbing months

July   40%

March   20%

May   20%

Most climbed route

Palm Canyon

"Very exciting trip. Arrived from California on Friday night, fully expecting Saturday to be a casual day around camp as light rain was expected. But woke to crystal blue skies so decided to go ahead and climb Signal Peak via the Class 3 to low Class 5 route (forgot the name). Hike up was pretty straight forward, beautiful and interesting. roped up at bottom of main headwall, scrambled up, left rope here and continued to summit. Arrived on the summit with mild winds, and beautiful views. After signing the register, turned to descend and was amazed at how quickly a wet fog had rolled in. " - DrBoz, Mar 1, 2014


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