1,060 ft / 323 m


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January   22%

February   22%

May   11%

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the road

"Went to the summit of Signaux several times, but never did Quoin Bluff. Objective of this trip was to summit Qouin Bluff. Started at the parking of Mt. Signaux. Followed the tarred road to the summit of Mt. Signaux. Took the path to Quoin Bluff. Walked under the rock to find a way up. Went on top of Quoin Bluff, got down and continued walking until I reached the path to Spear Grass. Returned to Signaux but did not follow the tarred road down. Instead when through the forest to end at Marie Reine De La Paix." - nawaazjameer, Jul 11, 2018


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