1,732 ft / 528 m


787 ft / 239 m


Murcia, Spain


5 summits

Top climbing months

June   42%

January   28%

March   14%

"I was thinking about climbing this mountain for the fifth time, weeks ago, but I know that to go up Sierra del Puerto, it means that later you will feel some pain from the waist down. After the storm the trail is perfect but rises without rest like a rocket, crosses several ravines while meandering through the forest. When I arrive at the Cave of the Castle I still have a very rocky section. Then I see the Castle. In the descent my ankle complains and later my knee. When I reach the stream I saw a water snake swimming fast. Today the "Rey Lobo" has treated me well." - franciscobirruezo, Jun 8, 2018
"Demanding route, whenever I climb this mountain I end up giving air puffs. Maybe that is why the Rey Lobo ordered to build a fortress on top. Today I have seen many hikers but the best thing has been to find some orchids." - franciscobirruezo, Mar 19, 2018


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