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Art Loeb Trail

"CMC Hike #130 Camp Daniel Boone > Little East Fork Trail > Art Loeb Trail > Shining Rock > Stairs Mountain > Cold Mountain > Camp Daniel Boone Distance: 16.7 mi. Elevation Gain: 4717 ft." - WGMayo, Oct 29, 2016
"Hiked with Caet Cash - a continuation of our small section hike of the Art Loeb Trail - at this point we had already summited Black Balsam & Tennent. The trail here was really fantastic and varied- no crazy elevation changes. We walked through some excellent wild blackberry bushes, and munched as we hiked. I was really interested in the rhododendron / mountain laurel grove which was extremely fairy-tale-esque. When we hit the actual "shining rock," I was pretty startled at its unique geological presence and can absolutely understand its part in local beliefs in the past. We spent some time at " - kellieirene, Jul 27, 2016



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