10,680 ft / 3,255 m


80 ft / 24 m


18 summits

Top climbing months

June   31%

September  21%

July   15%

Most climbed route

San Bernardino Divide Trail

"Bike and hike loop. Left the bike at the Forsee Creek TH then drove back to Angelus Oaks. Hiked up and over San Bernardino, East SB, Anderson, and Shields, then down the Forsee Creek trail. A 6 mile downhill ride closed the loop." - klotito, Aug 27, 2017
"Peak 6 of the 9 Peak Challenge. This was by far my favorite peak, I loved the scrambling and rock hoping. Lots of loose rock, so it can be sketch if you're not paying attention." - jeffro, Sep 23, 2012



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