9,842 ft / 3,000 m


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August   42%

July   28%

June   14%

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Sherman Pass Trail

"My friend Brett and I were on vacation this week in the Porterville area in Tulare County and felt like poking around the Southern Sierra. We wanted to hike Sirretta Peak to the southeast, but we got a late start as that hike is 7-8 miles r/t, so we drove up the Western Divide Hwy and then down to Johnsondale, and then up Sherman Pass Road to Sherman Pass Vista. The hike is short, about 4 miles r/t, and with about 800-900 feet gain (some uphill on the return as well). The trail is ducked in places, as it becomes faint from time to time. We lost the trail briefly on the out trip to the peak" - brianpowell, Aug 4, 2018


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