1,130 ft / 344 m


270 ft / 82 m


52 summits

Top climbing months

August   15%

May   15%

June   15%

Most climbed route

Shelving Rock Trail


  • Much of the trail is an old carriage road with retaining walls and water run-offs.
  • Summit views are not extensive, but a narrow path leads to somewhat better views.
  • Exercise caution not to become lost after you reach the summit area.
"Beautiful sunny warm November day. The leaves off the trees made for great views. Chose this easy "carriage road" to the summit because I'm rehabbing a back injury. 3.4 miles was the perfect distance. We thought about walking to Shelving Rock Falls afterwards (just .8 mile round trip) but didn't want to push it." - PJSelmer, Nov 25, 2017
"Last minute decision to enjoy a sunset hike of Shelving Rock - one of our favorites quick hikes for a great view. The trail starts around 560' and is a fairly gentle hike up an old logging road for 1.7 miles to the summit at 1130'. Lots of switchbacks on the trail as well. The only drawback of a sunset hike in June are the skeeters!!!! Yikes! But once on the summit (and then back to the ledge where the views are much better) the breeze kept them away. We were moving fast to avoid the skeeters - only 30 minutes to the summit and the same down." - deb-and-rob, Jun 1, 2017
"I went up the mountain first and it was a short and easy climb. Switchbacks to make the ascent more gradual. The trail was wide and only rocky in spots. The view at the top was limited but still nice. Only one on the mountain. I took an unmarked trail to the falls and had to cross to get to the trail on the other side. The falls were beautiful but can be very slippery. We continued on a trail that followed the lake for a way. It was a beautiful walk. The whole thing was just about 6 miles and took 4 hours including the stops for sights. Will definitely do it again" - kathyrowney, Aug 15, 2015
"Climbed up from Shelving Rock Road. 1.7 miles each way. A nice hike. See my trip report and more pictures at: http://www.offonadventure.com/2011/12/shelving-rock-mountain-121611.html" - Telemarkmike, Dec 16, 2011



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