5,896 ft / 1,797 m


575 ft / 175 m


6 summits

Top climbing months

April   42%

November   28%

January   14%

Most climbed route

Fire road, use trail

"Well this one didn't go well. I was totally turned around and couldn't reconcile the map with my surroundings. I was able to use Google Earth after the hike to figure out what went wrong. After a half mile or so, the road from the TH becomes indistinct and splits. I didn't see the split though and ended up going the wrong way. I ended up intersecting Kitchen Creek Rd about .6 mi north of where I was supposed to. There were lots of intersecting dirt roads here that weren't on the map. I spent about an hour being really confused, then decided to head back and hike another peak." - klotito, Dec 18, 2017
"This was the first of four peaks today (Sheephead / Monument / Garnet Peak / Garnet Mountain) on an HPS hike led by Peter and Ignacia Doggett. We saw a baby rattlesnake on the way up, who hadn't moved from its spot curled up alongside a rock when we passed it again on the way down. Despite reports of a rifle-wielding land tenant (maybe property owner) who tries to deter hikers, we didn't see him. The trail is clear but could use trimming. I was wearing shorts and my legs got pretty scratched up with minor cuts. Definitely wear long pants for this peak, and long sleeves would be a good idea too" - HikerMark, Apr 4, 2015



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