4,120 ft / 1,256 m


1,020 ft / 311 m


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September  25%

August   18%

July   16%

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Ward Brook TruckTrail, Herdpath

"Finally a good day in the Daks to hike. Weather has been very wet this spring and summer and there have been only a few good days especially on week ends to hike so Deb and I had to take advantage! The sun was out, temperature was nice but due to the rains, mud was all through the Seymour trail from start to summit. Mosquito's were out in full force as well. We did enjoy the day, the trail all the way to the start of the unmarked trail is really nice and very easy, a great warm up. Once on the herd path we found the going tough, very steep and muddy! So we just took our time and went carefully" - hbotc, Jul 16, 2017
"Hiked with Kellie. Woke up really early and headed over to Kellie's house to head up to the daks to hike Seymour with her. My 400th individual peak. Slowly working on my ADK46ers. " - Kim-Stilson, Oct 31, 2016
"Hiked with Kim Stilson. 39/46. Kim met me at my house stupid early in the morning for the long drive up. We made great time on the truck trail, very light snow covering the leaves- it was really beautiful! We had no issue following the herd path after the Ward Brook LeanTo, however our pace slowed considerably on the icy ascent. The slides were pretty ridiculous and numerous! There were two men on the trail ahead of us who we met near the summit. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great, it snowed lightly most of the day, and we had no views at the top. We needed spikes, but no snowshoes. There " - kellieirene, Oct 31, 2016
"After hiking all the way out to my car and spent the night, I hiked all the way back in to do Seymour. I was quite tired of seeing that 5 mile trail by the end of the day. Herd path definitely went up. Great views to the north from Seymour and a view to the southeast, but that spot was narrow, so only 1 person at a time." - newenglandwarrior, Aug 8, 2015
"Enjoyed a great hike to earn our 23rd of 46 winter peaks. The day was a crisp -15 when we started out at 6:30 with bright sun and blue skies. Throughout the day it would warm to 5 degrees or so with -20 at the summits. Straight in and out trail - nice easy rolling Ward Brook trail for 5.3 miles to Seymour herdpath, approx. 1.7 miles to Seymour summit for a total in/out of 14.1. " - deb-and-rob, Feb 28, 2015



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