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Ward Brook herdpath.

"Hiked up Seward today to finish off the range. Another overcast day with threats of rain(No summit views). Being Deb and I did all the rest we figured we would do a loop, up Calkins Brook over the summit and down the North Side Herd path to the Ward Brook trail and then out! Calkins Brook trail was great, actually dry enough that our boots stood clear of mud. The hike to the summit was steep but still not that wet and muddy. The herd path down the North end was wet and muddy slop! But we had fun and on the way down the sky cleared enough to get some views." - hbotc, Aug 12, 2017
"Solo. Donaldson, Emmons, Seward. At this point in the day I was strongly considering orphaning Seward and coming back for it, but the thought of having to re-gain all of my elevation on a different day, possibly in the same crap conditions, kept me going. The cairn wasn't fully buried yet but I brushed some snow off of it for future travelers and began an immediate horrible descent down that I wasn't entirely sure I could get back up later as I butt-slid a great deal of it. It had snowed all day and by the time I was mid-way through slogging through mud pits and kicking slush off of my snowsho" - kellieirene, Oct 25, 2016
"Journey across Seward - Donaldson - Emmons, with Jay and Nolan. The weather started nice, but began to look ominous at the summit of Emmons. Thankfully we were able to make the trip back over Seward and down the rockiest sections before we lost daylight, and the rain began to fall. The last few miles in solid rain and darkness made the return to the tents." - Kazmuglin, Sep 19, 2015
"Followed the long trail to the herdpath after the lean-to. Rugged ascent up. The summit has no views, but there are 2 great viewpoints along the herd path on either side of the summit. The way I went up had a great view to the north, so I could see Ampersand. The other viewpoint on the other herd path heading towards Donaldson, you could see Donaldson, Emmons, and a long ways to the west. Steep chimney descent on the way to Donaldson. The first of 3 mtns today." - newenglandwarrior, Aug 7, 2015
"Enjoyed a nice winter hike to climb Don, Emmons and Seward today. Temps were brisk in the am with a forecast of mid-teens and then a storm coming in late in the day. As it turned out the winds would pick up by mid morning and the storm would be upon us by noon which made for some tough conditions. Headed in via the horse trail to Caulkins Brook HP (roughly 3 miles) then up to Donaldson (~ 6 miles in), over to Emmons( ~7 miles in) back to Don and over to Seward (~ 8.5 miles in) and down to Ward Brook and out (~ 5 miles once at Ward Brook junction). All trails were broken out except Seward w" - deb-and-rob, Feb 21, 2015



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