8,100 ft / 2,469 m


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June   33%

July   33%

September  33%

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Granite Lake Trail

"Hiked up granite ridge trail via swift creek trail. Temps were 100F at the trailhead and in the 80's at seven up pass. The pass was still covered in snow with a large amount of melt water flowing at 9AM. I saw evidence of avalanches unknown when they had occurred. Donned snow shoes and preceded 200 yards up the pass. Tested a snow bridge and it collapsed. Decided to much risk at this time and spent the day at granite lake." - Zardoz, Jun 20, 2017
"Three day trip to Granite Lake. On day two My buddy and I hiked to the top of Seven Up Peak. There was still a lot of snow for the time of year. The Sound of the snow runoff was constant at Granite Lake. View from the top of Seven Up was ell worth the work. " - Redbeard65, Jul 21, 2011


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