1,437 ft / 438 m


11 summits

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July   45%

June   36%

August   18%

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Main Trail

"This Sierra is north of the city of Benidorm, is a natural area beset by urbanizations. From it you can see the skyscrapers of the city, but it preserves important natural values. We have activated the GPS to get there. A padlocked door restricts access. We asked an English boy, bathed in sweat if it is the correct route, he tells us "steep" several times. Our climb seems a penance, when I write this I still notice a rumor in my legs. Up there are a lot of antennas that look pretty ugly." - franciscobirruezo, Aug 26, 2018
"Had nothing better to do so went back the day after my first ascent, this time I took the hard route and went up following a sort of ridge that goes all the way up. Quickly turned into a rockclimbing party!" - Bryan-Mestre, Jun 3, 2016


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