9,000 ft / 2,743 m


200 ft / 61 m


7 summits

Top climbing months

April   50%

May   25%

June   12%

Most climbed route

Baker Canyon Trail

"Peak 10/10 on a 30.2 mile day. Hit the final peak at 4:15, 12 miles away from my car. Needless to say, there was a good amount of night hiking to end the day, topped off with a healthy dose of fear that 'El Sombre' (the Chiricahua jaguar spotted two months ago) would pick me off before I could get to camp... Complete TR: http://www.themtsarecalling.com/chiricahua" - Christopher, Nov 11, 2017
"Scouted upper Horseshoe Ridge Trail, upper Baker Canyon Trail, Sentinel Peak Spur Trail, part of Crest Trail #270C and upper South Fork Trail with Chiricahua Wilderness Trail Crew during a work trip on Burnt Stump Trail." - jonathanpatt, Apr 16, 2013



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