8,122 ft / 2,476 m


342 ft / 104 m


68 summits

Top climbing months

June   24%

July   21%

August   11%

Most climbed route

Sentinel Dome Trail

"Summited together with Taft Point and Glacier Point on 6/11/2016 and 7/3/2016, but, with different route. 6/11 from Glacier Point after Taft Point and watched disappointed sunset before heading to Sentinel Dome Trailhead. 7/3 was one way hike from McGurk Meadows Trailhead to Taft Point, to Sentinel Dome to Glacier Point and taking shuttle bus back to McGurk Meadows Trailhead for overall ~10.5 miles" - keung, Jun 11, 2016
"Day 2 of our week long trip in Yosemite was a busy one. We got up early to hike to May Lake and summit Mt. Hoffman, Then we drove down to the valley where we swam in the Merced river, had pizza and beer at curry village, went up to Glacier Point for beers on the Edge of the hanging rock followed by a sunset climb of Sentinel Dome after eating a bunch of shrooms at the trailhead. The colors during sunset were amazing. when we reached the top we watched the Super moon rise behind the peaks on the horizon. We fried up there for hours listening to pink floyd on a moonlit mountain top in the middle" - 1-with-Nature, Jul 12, 2014
"After a fun day at Rainbow falls we wanted to get in a hike before the day was done. However it was a long drive up Glacier Point Road to the trailhead for Sentinel Dome. By the Time we got there the Sun was making its way down. We got to the summit in twilight and then enjoyed as the full moon light took over. The stars were also very bright and the 3 of us dicked around up there for well over an hour while drinking beers and enjoying the night on top of Sentinel Dome." - 1-with-Nature, Aug 16, 2013
"Short side trip during our X country ski trip to Glacier Point. Kristine, Mary, Kim, Robin and I had the summit to ourselves. The view of Yosemite Valley is out of this world. The photo I attached is a panoramic shot." - ShastaMike, Mar 24, 2013
"This hike is the most bang for your buck (where bang is spectacular views, and buck is hiking time/effort). The hike was short and not strenuous, which made it perfect for my little travelling companions ages 3, 7 and 8, and 10. The view from the top is unrivaled: 360° including Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, Nevada Falls. I've been there 3 times at different times of day, and I recommend earlier in the day because I think the lighting is better for photography before Yosemite Falls goes into shadow." - jaherrick, Jun 9, 2006



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