4,215 ft / 1,285 m


9 summits

Top climbing months

August   33%

June   22%

July   22%

Most climbed route

Gasthaus Klausriegler follow the Trail to the Peak

Class 1 • 2,077 ft / 633 m gain
"Another Favorite Childhood Peak of mine. Hikes it at least a half dozen times and today its time to get its recognition on Peakery. Unfortunately Peakery is not well known in Europe and this exolains why a lot of this Peaks have not been claimed before. It is a very popular Peak and often visited due to the fact that the Mountain Hut is close to the Peak and you do not need to carry Food or Water with you. A Vallet is easier to carry then a heavy Backpack!!" - Nuernberger, Oct 31, 2013


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