1,899 ft / 579 m


1,023 ft / 312 m


8 summits

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April   22%

May   22%

September  22%

"From Threipmuir Reservoir, up West Kip, East Kip, South Black Hill then Scald Law, down to the Howe then back via Green Cleugh. Brilliant hills with great views and a varied landscape to explore." - ChrisMac, Apr 28, 2018
"Solo. From layby on A702 near start of Kirk Road. Up Kirk Road, which is a path, to col between Carnethy Hill and Scald Law, then Scald Law. Back to col and down NW and up Black Hill using various bits of paths not shown on map. There is a small cairn on the summit. My 1989 OS 1:50,000 showed a 499m spot height to the NW of a small 500m contour ring so I looked round to ensure I was at the highest point. More up-to-date maps have a 501m spot height. Continued to Carnethy Hill." - peter43, Sep 22, 2013



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