12,343 ft / 3,762 m


700 ft / 213 m


18 summits

Top climbing months

September  38%

August   27%

June   22%

"Did Empire Mountain on the way to this peak. From the peak I looked onward to Needham Mountain. Yesterday was full of rain, lightning, and thunder. Today was full of sun and a slight breeze. So we felt great about Needham. The views from the peak were quite impressive. Getting to this peak from Sawtooth Pass was quite easy even though it involved a bit boulder hopping. Track is on Needham" - Irrationalist, Aug 1, 2015
"Climbed slabs, sand, and talus south and east from Upper Monarch lake to saddle, then straight up South Ridge (Starr variation mentioned in Secor's book). Socked in at the summit, descended directly to Upper Monarch. Not recommended unless you're comfortable with Class 3/4 downclimbing." - mcphersonm80, Sep 21, 2013



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