8,818 ft / 2,688 m


418 ft / 127 m


37 summits

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May   26%

July   17%

October   12%

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Came from the Nordic Center

"This was the middle peak of my Mount Pinos - Sawmill - Grouse Mountain traverse. It was great to visit the Chumash Spirit Tower on the summit, which was decorated at some point before I showed up. From there, I continued on to Grouse Mountain." - Peak-Conquistador, Sep 15, 2017
"Lovely, very scenic hike from Mt. Pinos Nordic Base to Mt. Pinos, then down to saddle, and then to Sawmill Mountain. Overall elevation gain from Nordic Base to Sawmill and back to Nordic base is roughly 1,300'- 1,500' (a couple of ups and downs). Great forested areas with Jeffrey Pine, White Fir, Limber Pine, and occasional stunted Singleleaf Pinyon. Large, neat rock cairn at summit." - brianpowell, Sep 10, 2016
"Stop 2 of 4. Descent from Pinos was a bit sketchy in places, but teeth on bottom of snowshoes saved me. Got a good view of the incoming weather that would follow me the rest of the day. Big summit cairn." - edg, Mar 13, 2016
"Did Mount Pinos and Sawmill in one little trip. The trails up toward Sawmill from Pinos were a little dilapidated and became quite difficult to pin down, especially later on. No signs on the trail until further on much further down the trail I took. I had a difficult time finding the summit (actually found it on the way back up Sawmill, on a off-the-beaten-path trail that was nearly unrecognizable as a trail). At the top there are a pile of rocks that recognizes the high point. Great views, of course. Just wish it were a little more apparent which trail(s) lead to the summit. " - red-schindler, Oct 28, 2015
"Peak of 4 during the "Mount Pinos Biathalon." I stashed a bike at Cerro Noroeste campground, then drove down to the McGill Trailhead. I then hiked up and over Mt. Pinos, Sawmill, and Grouse back to Cerro Noroeste where I grabbed my bike and rode 16 mi back down to my car. I put new brakes on the bike in preparation for the 4000 ft descent!" - klotito, Aug 2, 2015



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