1,362 ft / 415 m


979 ft / 298 m


42 summits

Top climbing months

July   27%

June   16%

September  16%

" The 4th of 6 summits. Huge beautiful open summit. Unobstructed views in every direction. Hike up wasn't very hard after climbing down Gilmore, pretty gradual climb. This mountain is well worth the hike. Climbed down the challenging Sargent East Cliffs trail, which kicked my butt. " - mikewilliamsjr, Jun 2, 2017
"What a great day for a hike. Six peak day. We started the morning form Rt 198 and hiked Bald Peak, Parkman Mt, Gilmore Peak, Sargent Mt, Penobscot Mt, and Cedar Swamp Mt. 9.4 miles on my GPS It was a great day." - bwright, Apr 21, 2013
"Holly Scribner and I did this hike on July 12, 2011 since the day began as rather rainy. Our plan had been The Beehive Trail in Acadia National Park, but attempting steep cliffs & iron rungs is not advisable under wet conditions. Sargent was a GREAT alternative!" - emeraldverbena, Jul 12, 2011



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