5,692 ft / 1,735 m


4,397 ft / 1,340 m


60 summits

Top climbing months

January   23%

April   17%

February   15%

Most climbed route

Holy Jim Trail

"Rode the MTB up Modjeska and Santiago from Silverado Ranger Station. Maple Springs Road is an awesome ride, both up and down. The Main Divide Road, however, was covered with baseball-size rocks that made for a frustrating climb and a very bumpy descent. " - klotito, Apr 21, 2018
"Took about 8 hours. Started at Holy Jim trail. My quads were killing me. I wanted to give up but I had my most amazing best friend/ husband who encouraged me to persevere... and we did it! What an accomplishment 🤗 We took a wrong turn initially and therefore added more miles to this hike... our iwatch tracked 20 miles round trip. I could barely walk that evening" - sytara710, Apr 5, 2018
"My fourth hike to Santiago Peak this time originated from the Maple Springs Trailhead at Silverado Canyon. I began at about 5:45 am in the dark hiking up the asphalt road. I could have driven to the end of the pavement and parked there and saved 6 miles round trip, but I wanted to do my first long-distance hike in several months. Soon I was in natural light and passed through many groves of Bigcone Douglas-Firs, Coulter Pines, Bigleaf Maples, Bay Laurels, and Canyon Live Oaks as the now dirt road switchbacks gently up the canyon. The chaparral is also beautiful. Only walking up this road " - brianpowell, Jan 20, 2018
"Finally made it to this peak in my backyard. Nice climb up the Holy Jim trail. Lots of haze/smog in the valleys, but clear views of San Antonio, San Gorgonio, and San Jacinto from the top. Lots of Jeeps, motorcycles, and mountain bikers out today." - edg, Jan 6, 2018
"I have completed my 3rd summit of this mountain on 4/8/17. I am making it a yearly pilgrimage to hike to Santiago Peak, so I can make a hiking tradition for myself. I needed another Santa Ana mountains fix before the weather gets and stays too hot to hike below 6000'. I picked a nice, cool day for this, because it would be even more strenuous than it is already with even mildly warm weather. This time, I came from another area. My hike started about 6am. I took Indian Truck Trail (near I-15 - Riverside County) nearly 7 miles (2,500' gain) to Main Divide. I turned right at Main Divide c" - brianpowell, Apr 8, 2017



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