8,070 ft / 2,460 m


350 ft / 107 m


13 summits

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December   15%

February   15%

May   15%

Most climbed route

Toro Peak Access Road

"20 mi. round trip from Hwy 74 at the sign that says "Santa Rosa Mountain 10 7N02" (Santa Rosa Mountain Road). I hiked up the road up to the saddle between the two peaks on Santa Rosa Mountain where there are some primitive campsites. I went cross-country for 1/4 mile to the lower, boulder-crowned summit. Relaxed for a few minutes, then descended back to the saddle and hiked up the access road to the true summit with the remnants of Desert Steve Ragsdale's cabin. This was a tough one for me, as I was tired and not well-rested from the night before, and had a very long 2.5 hour drive from m" - brianpowell, May 13, 2017
"The soles of my boots were shredded after Rabbit/Villager, so I sent them off to be resoled. I needed some "easy" peaks to do while I waited for them, so I thought I'd do some drive-ups and simple hikes. Santa Rosa was the second peak of a three-peak day, with Santa Rosa and Lookout. The road to Santa Rosa was especially rough for my Honda Accord; I did have pull over and walk the last mile to the summit. " - HikerMark, Feb 22, 2014



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