14,021 ft / 4,274 m


3,114 ft / 949 m


25 summits

Top climbing months

July   24%

June   20%

September  20%

Most climbed route

East Slopes


  • San Luis Peak is Colorado 14er in the San Juan Mountains.
  • Lies far to the east of the other 14ers in the San Juans and has more of a wilderness setting than many of the others.
  • A relatively straightforward climb, with two hiking routes to the summit, the South Ridge and the East Flank.
"I approached the northeast ridge from the Stewart Creek trailhead. It was a long, easy hike, but the weather made things much more interesting. I battled wind and rain squalls, but the skies cleared just as I hit the summit ridge." - WaxDr, Sep 4, 2016



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