11,549 ft / 3,520 m


1,674 ft / 510 m


16 summits

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September  18%

"Decided to hike Two Teats and San Joaquin while in Mammoth for the Fourth. The elevation gain didn't seem too bad on paper, but the grades were steep and there was some fun up and down along the way. Great views, even with the Lions Fire. Windy but the wind was welcome due to the warm temps. We didn't see anyone past the 4x4 road. A great day hike with the right amount of challenge we were seeking for the day. " - kaylam87, Jul 6, 2018
"It was early April and I hadn't gone to play in the snow all winter, so I treated myself to a few days off from work and made the long drive from Santa Barbara to Mammoth Lakes. I managed to squeeze in a day of cross-country and a day of downhill, but perhaps of most interest to this community, a day of what I'll describe as "light mountaineering." I'd been planning to hike the long ridge line from Minaret Summit to San Joaquin Mountain for a while and, well, it just seemed way more fun to do it when it was covered in snow! I drove to Mammoth Main Lodge early Monday morning. Weather was pre" - klotito, Apr 9, 2018
"I didn't expect much from this hike but ended up really enjoying it. After a big day prior, I needed something where I could just walk and not have to think too much. Nice views and enjoyable rest day." - calipidder, Aug 14, 2014
"After failing to get backpacking permits for two different THs in Yosemite early Saturday morning, we drove down to Mammoth for Plan C: hiking San Joaquin Mountain. On the way south from Tioga Pass, the lingering smoke grow thicker and thicker. At Minaret Summit, we could barely see the Minarets. Undeterred, we began the hike. The smoke came and went, though never quite all the way. It was probably at it worst when we summited. I literally could not see Ritter & Banner through the smoke. Note to self: next time, check the smoke map before deciding where to hike." - edg, Aug 2, 2014
"This was an outstanding hike! You have views of the Minarets and Ritter Range the entire time! We had the threat of rain the entire day, but storms came and went to the east and west but never hit us. " - Christopher, Sep 1, 2013



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