11,503 ft / 3,506 m


8,282 ft / 2,524 m


245 summits

Top climbing months

July   20%

September  19%

August   14%

Most climbed route

Vivian Creek Trail

Class 1


  • Highest peak in southern California and the 7th most prominent in the contiguous US (8,294 ft prominence).
  • Only mountain in Southern California with a summit a significant distance above the tree line
  • Longest recorded line of sight in the contiguous United States; it is plainly visible from the summit of Mount Whitney, 190 miles away
  • Several trails lead to the broad summit of San Gorgonio Mountain. Most routes require well over 4,000 ft of elevation gain.
"It could not have been a more spectacular day to hike Old Greyback. It was sunny but crisp and cool. We arrived at 6:30 am and already had to park in the bigger lot. We were on our way by 6:45am. That first mile up from the vivian creek trailhead is no joke but it was even worse thinking that would be one of our last miles down! We took it slow and were on top of the summit by 1:20pm. It was so nice! Bright blue sky, great views, slight breeze. We ate lunch and headed back down around 2:20pm. We were lucky to see some beautiful deer around basecamp. We hit the dreaded steep mile down with very" - yosinalissebeck, Sep 24, 2017
"This was a two-day backpack with a planned camp on the summit. My buddy and I had to pause for nearly an hour on the switchbacks above High Creek Camp, when thunder began booming overhead. We weighed our options and decided to head back to High Creek Camp, try to find a campsite there, and delay our summit until the next morning. But the thunder eventually died away, so we reverted to the original plan and headed up to the summit. No wind, full moon, beautiful night! We had some rain in the final hour of the descent, but we were warm (and dirty) enough that it didn't really bother us. This " - HikerMark, Jul 8, 2017
"Got to the trailhead parking lot late Friday and pitched a tent right next to the car. We were up and on the trail around 4:30 am and summitted around 11. Great hike and amazing views" - jakeshurer, Jun 4, 2017
"There was more snow than expected. I did not have all the proper equpiment for the climb. My boyfriend was a great guide (OzzyTheGuide) we made it about 8,500 feet before we were unable to go any further. We camped out instead. Great camping trip. We are attempting to summit again this weekend. :) " - Parker33845, Mar 4, 2017
"Best hike in So Cal. Just gorgeous. And the well engineered makes the trek seem so much easier. I'll have to be back to camp on top someday. Oh, and that's my first peak list down (6/6.)" - JustinB, Aug 5, 2016



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