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San Gabriel Peak Trail

"This was peak 3/5 on the Sierra Club WTC Trip. Others had done some trail work on the San Gabriel Peak trail, so the hike up to the summit block is less sketchy now. The way down was a bit steep, though." - ctrain2018, Dec 9, 2018
"This was a great hike to 4 different peaks. Each trail to the peaks were different as well. Gabriel peak was a nice single track with amazing views. Mt. Disappointment was a paved maintenance road with nice views as well. Walk back down to the main trail and take the Mt. Lowe trail (not the fire road) up to the Lowe summit. It’s very special with amazing views. The trail is pretty easy as it’s a wide trail and plenty of shade. Go back down the same way to reach the trail to Mt. Markham. This trail is technical and fun. Wear pants for this one because of the Spanish daggers and other sticker bu" - rickb, Jan 5, 2018
"Night climb to see the sunset/supermoon lunar eclipse. The climb up was pretty routine, but the climb down at night can get dicey because the San Gabriel Peak Trail is somewhat exposed close to the peak." - ctrain2018, Sep 27, 2015
"Second peak of two summited that day. First was Mt. Disappointment. Moderate Hike up Bill Reily Trail accessed from Mt. Wilson Road near Red Box Picnic Area. Bill Reily Trail intersects Mt. Disappointment Fire Rd, and then heads towards Mt. Disappointment Saddle at roughly 5,700'. It then ascends towards tower-capped Mt. Disappointment (5,963'). I headed back down to the saddle, and then took the San Gabriel Peak trail to 6,161' summit. Lovely Canyon Live Oak/Interior Live Oak forest along Bill Reily Trail, and nice views from both summits." - brianpowell, Mar 7, 2015
"After Markham and disappointment we climbed San Gabriel Peak. I have been wanting to bag this one for so long and now I finally got it. Pretty amazing up here too. This finished up our 3 peak day and was peak #57 of my 100 in 2014 goal." - 1-with-Nature, Aug 10, 2014



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