10,691 ft / 3,259 m


171 ft / 52 m


30 summits

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June   30%

September  16%

July   16%

Most climbed route

San Bernardino Divide Trail

"Bike and hike loop. Left the bike at the Forsee Creek TH then drove back to Angelus Oaks. Hiked up and over San Bernardino, East SB, Anderson, and Shields, then down the Forsee Creek trail. A 6 mile downhill ride closed the loop." - klotito, Aug 27, 2017
"Took Momyer up. As trails go, it needs some maintenance. My iPhone has problems with cold and died at the top, so I had no GPS to find my way down. This led to some stress, as there were many times I was not sure if I was going the right way. As peaks go, SBD East is like walking down the sidewalk and stopping in at a 7-Eleven. It's only about 2 minutes from the Divide Trail." - jimduvall, May 10, 2015
"First overnighter, first time with a backpack, first time above 8,000 feet... first time for a lot of things. We took the Forsee Creek Trail and camped at Jackstraw Springs at 9,200 feet. That was already higher than I had been before in my life on my own two feet. The next day, we hiked to San Bernardino East Peak, had lunch on the top, and descended 3,800 feet back to the car. Next up is San Gorgonio!" - Jashaszun, Jul 22, 2012
"After Reaching San Bernardino Peak My friend and I decided oh what the hell lets follow the ridge to the East peak while the rest of our group went back down the mountain. It was a lot of fun navigating the terrain up there with quite a bit of snow and rocky outcrops. The views from this summit are by far way better then San Bernardino Mountain just a mile to the west." - 1-with-Nature, Jun 19, 2010



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