12,162 ft / 3,707 m


902 ft / 275 m


7 summits

Top climbing months

June   42%

July   28%

February   14%

Most climbed route

st. Vrain Mtn Trail

"St Vrain TH to Mt St Vrain. Intention was to climb Elk Tooth and Ogalalla, and glissade down to Cony Lake and hike out. Unfortunately, the sole of my boot came detached 400' from the Elk Tooth summit. End of day." - NovaCatPeter, Jun 18, 2016
"The St. Vrain trail was mostly packed to treeline, but snowshoes were needed after temps warmed up. The saddle between Meadow / St. Vrain was windblown and dry. I summited Meadow Mtn. and St. Vrain Mtn, total rt was 8.8 miles." - WaxDr, Feb 14, 2015



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