8,680 ft / 2,646 m


80 ft / 24 m


17 summits

Top climbing months

July   27%

August   22%

September  22%

Most climbed route

Cascade Pass/Sahale Arm

"Great late season climb of Sahale via the Arm/Sahale Glacier. Snow bridge over the bergschrund is going fast and I was little nervous going over it solo/unroped, but decided it seemed secure enough for now. Alternate is already bootpathed over the to the rocks below the summit pyramid off to the right. The glacier snow and ice is easy to quickly navigate with crampons, and I made it in 15 minutes or so, moving as fast as I could. There were people on the glacier without crampons or with just microspikes and with poles/no ice axes. I guess if you're really proficient and comfortable this i" - BryHong8, Sep 16, 2017
"I've wanted to visit this area for a few years now. I went up Sahale by way of Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm. The way up to the Sahale Camp right below the glacier is all trail. Crossing the glacier was not bad with an ice axe and crampons. There were some crevasses, but well away from the path. The rock above the glacier was easy until the last 50 ft or so. That's where it gets more challenging. I had read that the route goes around the east side of the mountain, so that's where I went. The route was steep, and quite challenging for my limited climbing skills. The final few feet were the tr" - MangyMarmot, Sep 28, 2012
"It was my dream to climb Sahale Peak - it had been on my wish list since I first heard about it in May. Took the long route from Cascade Pass/Sahale Arm. Crevasses are very visible on the glacier. The only sketchy part is the rock pile to the top, alternating between Class 4 and Class 5. We roped up just below 50 feet from the summit. Wasn't able to stay on the summit for too long due to time issues. I unroped myself shortly but made some sketchy moves still. It was just a day trip, but we got to enjoy being on the mountain in the dark looking over the sky and seeing the milky way. It was my " - aimk13, Sep 15, 2012
"After a disappointing summit failure on Shuksan last weekend in perfect conditions (wrong gully and no pro, so we turned around 200 ft from summit), I was happy to summit something. This was a super leisurely overnight trip to summit Sahale. Ambled to camp in 5 hrs off-trail over quite a bit of sketchy wet rock and found an excellent flat spot near running water for camp. Beautiful sunset, but I missed the Perseid meteor showers thanks to the demands of the "alpine start." A leisurely 5 am start time on summit day, where I finally got to be on the end of the rope and enjoyed myself imm" - diana, Aug 12, 2012


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